EldersBloom 2009 Annual Report Executive Summary



EldersBloom is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that brings Reiki to elders. Reiki is hands-on healing, accepted in medical settings, and practiced around the world.


2009 events

        Email list membership increased to 83 people;

        2 elder Reiki events held in Maine.

        Attended a gerontological conference on hidden trauma resurfacing in elder life.

        A first-time grant application was made to the Maine Health Access Foundation, gaining credibility for Reiki.

        In other projects, a USM study of Reiki treatment for elders showed statistically significant outcomes, and Reiki Rays of Hope completed a large grant project in Ohio.

        EldersBloom established an Internet presence, and started planning for a full-function website.

        Finances for the past 3 years are shown in the main report.


2010 plans

        Communicate vision for growth, shared by all members.

        Improve and expand elder outreach.

        Improve and expand Reiki provider outreach.

        Create a next-stage EldersBloom website.

        Improve and expand nonprofit management.

        Continue and deepen partnership with other projects.

        Identify clinical validation and research.

        Financial goals are shown in the main report.


How you can help: offer your time, money, and relationships. Spend time creating elder Reiki projects in your area, and sharing your nonprofit skills. Donate via the www.eldersbloom.org website, and find funding sources compatible with our mission. We are interested in relationships with other Reiki projects, other elder empowerment projects, and most of all with people whose passion moves them in the same direction as EldersBloom.


Thank you, for all you can do! Jeffrey Hotchkiss, 2/17/10