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Reiki's blessing to the world is that anyone can learn it, and start to practice hands-on healing for themselves and others.

These intensive, thorough workshops offer more time to learn and practice. Small class sizes - a maximum of four students - enhance individual attention. Extended time for guided hands-on training builds your skill and confidence. You will be well prepared at any level, to energize your healing journey with strong Reiki practice.

Summer 2017 - Level I August 26 & 27
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Level I -- evening and a day workshop -- you learn the history and principles of Reiki, receive two attunements, learn the basics of grounding yourself, and have ample time for practicing hands-on with your classmates. This in-depth class gives you thorough preparation for using your new skills. You start a new journey of healing and awakening, grounded and empowered by Reiki. No prerequisite - I will ask you about your background and interest in Reiki. Fee $175.

Level II -- evening and a day workshop -- you deepen and expand your awareness of Reiki, learn three sacred symbols, explore intuition and understand ethics in Reiki practice, and learn to send Reiki across space and time. Level II empowers you to work and heal at the level of your thoughts, dreams and psyche. Prerequisite: Level I with a certified teacher. Fee $245.

Level III and Master Teacher levels are for those who want to make Reiki practice central to their life's work, and to serve as a teacher for others, as a role model or leading Reiki training. Level III is an evening and a day workshop, fee $285, and requires an advance phone interview. Master Teacher is an evening plus two-day workshop, total fee $650, and requires a post-workshop observation and expression period for final certification. Prerequisite for Level III: Level II with a certified teacher. Prerequisite for Master Teacher: the above Level III workshop.

To sign up for a class or for more information, email info@jeffreiki.com

Certificate provided for each level. Maximum class size is 4 students, minimum 2 students for Level I or II. Deposit and/or screening interview may be required.

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