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When you become a Reiki client, you receive my total attention and mindfulness throughout your healing journey. If you come to your treatments intending to learn your own balance, with your body, feelings, psyche and mind, then you make the most of the Reiki you receive. You blossom gently into awareness of your true loving Self. With awareness you begin to heal, and gain the power to move fully into your life.

Treatments of longer duration, 3 and 6 hours, allow you to intensively explore your deepest life healing challenges. Together, we bring what you need to the table. You relax fully, trusting yourself to navigate your inner world and find its treasures. Set yourself on a transformational path.


60 minutes - $85
90 minutes - $115
A three-hour intensive treatment - $195, six hours (all day) - $345*
Group rates (twenty minutes per person) - $30 each for 4 - 8 people, $40 each for 2 - 4 people
Phone healing treatments, approx. half-hour -- sliding scale $20 - $50
Couples treatment (2 tables together) - $170 for 60 minutes

*You must commit to rest and contemplation for the day after treatment.

ASK ABOUT DISCOUNTS FOR ELDERS, payment plans, or house calls

Payment due at the end of each treatment. You must be satisfied, or we part ways amicably with no charge to you.
I reserve the right to bill for time scheduled -- please give at least 24 hours' notice if you have to cancel.

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