EldersBloom - elders heal with Reiki

"It feels like someone cares." -- elder in Maine, USA, after receiving a Reiki treatment

EldersBloom is a project with these aims:

- introduce Reiki healing into elder communities around the world
- empower elders to heal themselves with Reiki
- encourage isolated elders, and the community at large, to reconnect with each other
- give Reiki practitioners around the world a method of expanding their practice
- create a virtuous spiral of exchange, that awakens people to the healing and wisdom that elders can offer the world
- support, partner with, and publicize related projects

Read the 2009 EldersBloom Annual Report: PDF version(recommended) | HTML version
Executive Summary: PDF version | HTML version

Read and follow the EldersBloom blog: www.eldersbloom.blogspot.com

Read the 2013 status report: PDF document

2015: currently in transition, evaluating new visions possibly including a cooperative model in place of nonprofit

Contact info@jeffreiki.com for more information.