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Dignity and respect are hard-won. Learning continues into old age. Hands, gentled by time, may turn to new work. Your body, no longer brand new and pain-free, yearns to heal -- to live joyfully, in balance, each day, no matter the underlying condition of your body. Reiki helps you heal. Cherished and cared for by Reiki hands, you feel freer, lighter and ready to smile. You are present in this world. You matter, to all of us.

As I grew into elderhood, a passion for elder healing arose within me. In 2005, I gave up my keyboard, cubicle and high salary. I started EldersBloom, and grew the program with outreach around the country. I trained as an EMT in Maine, and performed emergency medicine, most often for elders. As a new grandfather, I continue my apprenticeship in the mysteries of elderhood.

If you are an elder (see definition here), I have two ways of bringing Reiki to you: the Reiki Healing Forum for groups, and Reiki house calls for individual treatments. If you are a loved one or caregiver of an elder, consider how Reiki can be a comfort, when other duties take you away from being present with her or him.

Reiki Healing Forum
Elders gather for an hour or two, to learn about Reiki, what it does, where it comes from, and how it feels. The presenters offer sample treatments. They may also lead relaxing group meditations. The setting may be any common area in the elder community. Fee: first forum is complimentary, subsequent forums may earn an honorarium or donations by arrangement with the elder community.

Reiki house calls
I come to your home and give Reiki treatments in a comfortable setting for you most often your favorite chair or couch. Travel charge will vary with distance. A half hour treatment is $25, full hour is $40 (about a one-third discount from regular rates).

To arrange a Reiki Healing Forum, or schedule your house call, please call (207) 618-0243, or email info@jeffreiki.com.

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