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I grew up in Vermont, in the United States, on a hundred-acre farm at the end of a dirt road. I am realizing now what a treasure it was to have all that land to explore, play and be in. I climbed mountains every year, learned to build a fire safely and camp in the woods, ride a horse, use firearms and sharp tools safely, and paddle a canoe. As a reaction to the loneliness of rural life, I now love cities in my adult life. I suspect, though, the quiet wilderness will call me back, as I pass into elderhood.

After eight enchanting years in San Francisco, I've lived in Yarmouth, Maine, since 1986, raising a family and working in the information technology field, a twenty-five year career that led from programming to high-level systems analysis and project management.

In 2001, I learned Reiki, and it seized me with a deep passion. Self-healing accelerated, allowing me to discover and work strongly with my early childhood trauma.

In mid-2005, I left the world of computers to fully explore my intended healing work. Around the same time, I became licensed in Maine as an Emergency Medical Technician, and have been doing rescue work since early 2006.

For my whole life, I have had a passion for learning and following the ki flow within me, and its connection to the world at large. Crossing paths with Reiki threw the doors wide open for me. Since then, I've studied intensely this amazing art of healing and awakening. It has brought my deepest wounds to light, and poured loving compassionate healing into them.

Now, I spend as much time as possible making Reiki available to those who can use it to better their lives. My special passion is the EldersBloom project, bringing Reiki healing to elders around the world.

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